About Me

Peter Giang is a lifestyle photographer based out of Queens, New York. Growing up as a skateboarder in Urban Queens as well as the fast paced New York City, Peter was exposed to the ever changing landscape and flux of people who would travel in and out of this enormous city, molding his ideas, dreams, loves, and the understandings of numerous counter cultures that New York offers for the world to enjoy. Peter‘s attraction to photography was to share with viewers and admirers alike, a story of personalities and scenes that would give one a feel of social belonging, no matter what side of the fence they were from, and to show that through all the seriousness and sadness this time has to offer, the world can still somehow bask in the sunlight of excitement and an all around good time . As much as he is a diverse individual; with ties in skate culture, surf culture, snowboard culture, and the never ending night life the city that never sleeps has to offer, he also has an acute sense of sight for life’s true beauty and a personality that can make even the most antisocial person comfortable in his hands. Peter has had work shown in multiple group shows in New York City and there are indeed many more to come. Keep a look out if you’re in the streets of NYC, you may see Peter Giang with his camera, and if that’s the case, you better be prepared for the time of your life…



Feel free to contact me with any questions related to my photos, projects, collaborations. 

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